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Synchronize your paper with supervisor quick and easy

On issue I always had with writing papers was to synchronize my work with other co-writers. The process is normally like that I write the draft version of the paper. Forward it to my supervisor and other co-writers. They apply the changes and send the paper back to me, so that I can merge the changes. This process is utterly painful. I prefer Latex to Word, and unfortunately there is not an easy way to modify changes in Latex. In word, you can at activate track changes and pass the document around but not in Latex.

What I do now, is that I write my Latex draft. Check it out using Portable Version. Send in the whole folder to co-authors (a .zip file). They do what they want to the latex folder and files and pass it back to me. I can check in their changes to the folder one by one and work out the diffs and modifications to the folder like newly added images or the files moved around.
To make Portable Version work with Latex files, I just have to disable the TFS integration. Currently the way to do this is to edit “Tfs.Config” file from where portable version is installed and replace every command with a harmless command (i.e. Command = “Cmd /c “ and every parameter = “ echo %1”)

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